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  • The key to saving lives lies in the right combination of intelligence, motion and passion

  • The key to saving lives lies in the right combination of intelligence, motion and passion

Sentient skänker licenspengar till Wikimedia

22 October 2014

Sentient tillhör den grupp av företag och privatpersoner som nu får tillbaka pengar från Radiotjänst för felaktigt debiterade licensavgifter. Tillsammans med Nicklas Nygren, som drev frågan om tv-licens för datorer genom tre rättsinstanser, kommer Sentient nu att skänka en del av det återbetalda beloppet till Wikimedia Foundation – och uppmanar andra företag och privatpersoner att göra det samma.

News summary in english

Sentient donates public service fees to Wikimedia

Swedish public service radio and television is funded through a particular licence fee. Recently, a number of companies and individuals have received a refund of fees, as the fact that broadcasting can be received through e.g. smartphones and tablets is not enough for claiming a licence fee. 

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About us

Sentient is a Gothenburg based software company, focusing on steering systems software for the automotive industry.

In 2013, Sentient's Driver Torque Principle was introduced in the serial production of heavy trucks of a market leading company.

Sentient's steering system creates a safer working environment and reduces risks for wear and tear injuries among drivers. It reflects Sentient's commitment to active road safety, where a series of other products are being developed, primarily for trucks and cars.

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Sentient Shortlisted for Cooperative Enterprise of the Year Award

15 October 2014

Six months ago, Sentient was awarded a "Cooperative Enterprise of the Year" Award.

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Sentient Strengthens Business Development

14 August 2014

Sentient creates a management team for engineering and business development, based on a continuous and increasing demand.

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Sentient founder a leading innovator in Sweden

02 June 2014

Johan Hultén, co-founder of Sentient, has been identified as a leading innovator in Sweden by a Swedish-Danish research team.

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